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Families in Harmony Programme


Image of boy in with parents arguing
There are many forms of conflict in relationships, and some are really healthy. As adults, we are role models for our children so if we are able to remain calm and respectful whilst addressing any disagreements we have, it provides our children with important life skills for future interactions with others. But conflict in a relationship can become an issue when it is frequent or poorly managed, and impacts the harmony of family life.

Here you can find out information about what parental conflict is, how it differs from domestic abuse, and how our Families in Harmony Programme can help you! 

What is parental conflict?

What might cause conflict in relationships?

How does parental conflict impact children?

Do you need help finding solutions to conflict at home? 

Whether you are in a relationship or separated, we can provide support and advice tailored to you, whether you would like self-directed learning, 1-2-1 support or to attend a support group - we can help! 

Self-directed learning with FREE online courses
A great place to start - anyone can access the courses below if you feel they will help you and your partner. 
Download the information leaflet to join One plus one course information (PDF) [580KB] .

  • Me, You and Baby Too - This programme helps new and expectant parents adapt to the changes that parenthood can have on their relationship, while raising awareness of the impact of stress on baby and each other.
  • Arguing Better - This programme is for couples that are together who want to learn skills to cope with stress together and manage conflict more constructively. 
  • Getting it Right for Children - This programme is for separated parents and helps to develop positive communication skills, so that they can parent co-operatively and work out solutions together.
  • RelationKit website is a free online resource that gives parents and carers some support with their relationships - including videos, mindfulness sessions and downloadable communication cards.

The Families in Harmony Programme - person centred support.
Our Families In Harmonies Programme, is tailored to your needs, which means we provide a range of support and interventions best suited to you, your personal situation and your family needs. You can either be referred onto the programme by a professional, or you can contact us directly for more information about how we can best support you. 

An overview of the programme we offer includes

If this sounds like it may benefit you, don't hesitate to contact us and we can chat about how best we can support you and your family. 

Contact: Querida Villiers at Sutton Children's Centre on 01744 673420 or email: