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Brookfield Centre

What do I need to know about the Brookfield Centre?

Brookfield provides a 30-bedded care unit for people who don't need to remain in hospital yet are not quite fit to return home; this could be for a variety of reasons. We also accept admissions from crisis response to prevent unnecessary hospital admission.

At Brookfield we provide intermediate care to promote independence. The following service professionals are available to support you, and will work with you to help you regain and retain your independence:

  • Intermediate care support workers
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational therapists
  • Nurses
  • Community psychiatric nurse
  • Social workers

When would I be placed there?

Sometimes when people are ready to be discharged from hospital, they may not be fit enough to go home straight away, or they may have difficulties managing at home due to illness or reduced mobility. Some may require a further period of recovery and/or rehabilitation.

Brookfield Centre is an Intermediate Care Unit where a person's needs are assessed and treatment is given in order for them to be discharged home safely. We aim to review your needs within seven days of admission.

All referrals to the Brookfield Centre are made through our Contact Cares team.

How will my care be managed?

  • Each service user has a care plan, which is drawn up in co-operation with you, and your family, and members of the Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT)
  • Plans are reviewed daily at the board round and discussed in more detail at the MDT meeting each week.

 How long will I be there?

  • This depends on your assessed needs.
  • Once your assessed needs have been met we will plan with you for your discharge.