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Arrange a citizenship ceremony

What is a citizenship ceremony?

We welcome new citizens at the ceremony and highlight their new rights and responsibilities.

How to apply for citizenship

To find out about applying for British citizenship visit the UK Border Agency website.

What happens at the ceremony?

You can celebrate your new status with your family and close friends at the ceremony. 

You will be asked to swear an oath of allegiance to the Crown and pledge to uphold the values and laws of the UK. We will formally welcome you to our borough and encourage you to take part in the community and democratic process.

We want these ceremonies to be enjoyable and meaningful events. A local dignitary attends each ceremony to give them a local feel.

How to book your ceremony

The Home Office will send you a letter or email which tells you how to book your ceremony - please contact us on 01744 676789 when you have received your invite letter or email.

If you prefer a private citizenship ceremony, this can be arranged for an additional fee.

More information

For more information about citizenship ceremonies in St Helens, please contact us on 01744 676789.

For all enquiries about applying for British citizenship, please visit the UK Border Agency website.