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Holiday activities and food programme

Days until our HAF Summer programme begins

Funded by the Department for Education, our FREE holiday activities and food (HAF) programme has been a huge success, providing healthy food and enriching activities for primary and secondary school-aged children eligible for benefits-related free school meals.

The aim of the HAF programme is to support children to eat more healthily, be more active over the school holidays and have a greater knowledge of health and nutrition, as well as be more engaged with school and other local services.

Is my child eligible?

The HAF programme is primarily for children aged 4-18 years who are eligible for and receiving benefits-related free school meals (FSM), and their families. Children who are in receipt of a support plan via Early Help, Child In Need or Children We Look After, EHCP, or if your child receives additional hours at school then you are also eligible for the HAF programme.

Please note that not all activity providers will be able to accommodate the full age range of the programme. Please check with the provider what age group is appropriate to their activity.

How do we access the programme?

To access the programme, simply book a place through one of the providers we list. Please note that booking details differ depending on each provider.

How do I know my children are in a COVID-secure provision?

COVID risk assessments for all HAF activities have been completed and quality assured. These will continue to be updated as national and local government guidance changes. We also have contingency plans in place to deliver activities through alternative venues or formats in the unlikely event that they cannot operate safely. 

Do you have provision for children with SEND?

We have SEND specific and SEND accessible activities for children across the programme. Look out for this key guide:

SS - SEND Specific: solely for children and young people with SEND and their families.

S - SEND Friendly: venue or event where providers have general SEND awareness and small adjustments can be made. 

SA - SEND Accessible: physically accessible venue or event.

F - Family Friendly: accessible for all families.


HAF Summer Programme

The next HAF programme will take place between 24 July 2023 to 1 September 2023.

When the programme goes live you will be able to book onto activities either by visiting Eventbrite or by contacting the Children's Centres on 01744 673445, 01744 671788 or 01744 673420.

A link to Eventbrite will appear here as soon as the programme is ready to go live in early July.


Please contact the Children's Centres for more information on 01744 673445, 01744 671788 or 01744 673420.


Take a look at all the fun sessions that took place over the Easter 2023 programme.

HAF Easter programme 2023
HAF Easter programme 2023
HAF Easter programme 2023
HAF Easter programme 2023
HAF Easter programme 2023
HAF Easter programme 2023
HAF Easter programme 2023
HAF Easter programme 2023
HAF Easter programme 2023
HAF Easter programme 2023