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Look, Say, Sing, Play

Every time you talk, sing or play with your baby, you're not just bonding, you're building their brain.

St Helens Borough Council are working with the NSPCC and health and childcare professionals across Merseyside to help parents and carers support their children, from newborn to two-year-olds.

The NSPCC Look, Say, Sing, Play campaign provides tips and hints on how to help your child's brain develop and to strengthen your bond with them.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

Look at what your baby's focusing on and how they react

Brain-building all starts with taking a cue from your little one. Look to see what they find interesting or funny, see if they copy you or react in different ways. You could think of it like a game of tennis - going back and forth between the two of you.

Say what you're doing in silly voices and use funny faces

Talking to your baby, or copying when they babble, is an easy way to build their brain throughout the day. Even talking about simple actions as you do them is a great place to start. Try adding silly voices and use expressions to bring your words to life.

Sing along to your favourite tunes or make up your own

You don't need to be a karaoke champion to pull this one off. Try using familiar tunes and changing the words to describe things you're doing. It might take some getting used to, but give it a go and find your groove.

Play simple games and see what your child enjoys

You don't even need toys for this brain-building skill. Try playing peekaboo, mess about with bubble bath, or even turn sorting laundry into a game! Over time, you can add playful moments throughout the day.

But whether it's bathtime, bedtime, or you're washing up, playing with your baby, using silly voices, or even singing can build their brain right from birth. It's a great way to have fun while making your bond even stronger.

To find out more information about the Look, Sing, Say, Play campaign, visit the NSPCC campaign page.

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Last modified on 29 March 2022