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Before you start!

You don't need to register to use our report a problem feature, but it will help you keep track of your requests if you do - all you need is your email address!

Reporting a problem!

If you have registered with us, please make sure that you are logged in to your account, this will then register that request to your account and you can track it.

Your contact details will also be completed automatically on any report you make!

If you don't want to register or use your account, you can still report a problem - just enter your name, and select your address using our address picker and your post code.

Using the map:

We use Google Maps to allow you to show us exactly where the problem is - simply enter your postcode or street name and the yellow map pin will position in that area.

You can zoom in if it helps!

Select Next and then we zoom in even more to the street / area you have selected.

From here you can zoom in or out and position the pin at the exact location of the incident/report ....

To do this from a mobile/tablet

Use two fingers to pinch and move the map, or zoom in or out to help you report the location.

To place the pin - simply 'double' tap on the map and the pin will re-locate to that position

To do this from your PC / tablet

You can use your mouse to click and move the map around - just as you would with Google Maps

If someone has already reported the problem - this will be shown on the map with green pins indicating the location, and you will be asked if the problem you are reporting is the same one. You have the option to continue to report or to be kept informed.

Once you are happy - tap or click on Confirm Location

Then simply follow the questions and enter details as requested - upload your pictures etc and review your answers before submitting them to us.

Report any problems to us using our online form and selecting 'Website - General Enquiry'


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Last modified on 09 May 2022