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Frequently asked questions

What Assets does the Council own? How do I find out if the Council owns a piece of land or a property? 

The council owns a variety of land and property in St Helens. If you have a query about council ownership please submit an enquiry using the Land and Property enquiry form (Word doc) [23KB] (opens new window) and a member of the team will confirm if it is within the council's ownership. Information on highways can be found on our Roads and Transport page.

How do I find out who owns a piece of land or property if it is not in the Councils ownership? 

You can make enquires regarding land ownership via the Land Registry. There is a small charge for this service. The council cannot provide information regarding the ownership of land or property owned by third parties. 

How do I find out who has responsibility for the boundary to my property? 

You should view your property deeds or registered title for the property. Registered title documents can be obtained from Land Registry. If this does not identify the owner consider the following options: 

  • If the adjacent piece of land or property is owned by the council, we may be able to identify the owner of the boundary
  • If the land is privately owned, and registered, then you should contact the Land Registry.  If the land is unregistered, then the Land Registry will not have the appropriate records and you may need to make local enquiries which may include the appropriate parish/ town or district/city council. 

How do I find out if St Helens Borough Council has any garages available? 

St Helens Borough Council retains very few garage sites and currently has no availability within those sites. Please contact Torus who may be able to answer your query. 

Who would I contact to enquire about residential property? 

St Helens Borough Council does not own residential property. Please contact Torus who may be able to answer your query. 

How do I obtain permission to fly a flag on my property? 

In the first instance, please refer to Should you need to progress further, your query should be directed to the council's planning department