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Provisional statements

How to apply

Important: some areas of the town centre are subject to a Cumulative Impact Assessment (PDF) [9MB]  (CIA) so applicants are advised to check before making an application. The areas of the town centre that are covered by the CIA can be viewed here. (PDF) [2MB]  The current CIA came into effect from 12 July 2023.

Pre-consultation is strongly advised with all responsible authorities, prior to submission of an application.

You are also advised to contact us before submitting an application to discuss your proposals and the relevant responsible authorities.

To apply for a provisional statement, you will need to complete the online application form. Once you have completed the application form, you will need to upload the following required documentation:

  • A plan of the premises. The plan of your premises should be drawn to the standard scale of 1:100 with a key to show:
    1. The boundary of the building with any external or internal walls, entrances and exits to the building
    2. The location of points of access to and egress from the premises
    3. If different from point 2 above, the location of escape routes from the premises
    4. In a case where the premises is used for more than one existing licensable activity, the area within the premises used for each activity
    5. In a case where an existing licensable activity relates to the supply of alcohol, the location or locations on the premises which is or are used for the consumption of alcohol
    6. Fixed structures (including furniture) or similar objects temporarily in a fixed location (but not furniture) which may impact on the ability of individuals on the premises to use exits or escape routes without impediment
    7. In a case where the premises includes a stage or raised area, the location and height of each stage or area relative to the floor
    8. In a case where the premises includes any steps, stairs, elevators or lifts, the location of the steps, stairs, elevators or lifts
    9. In a case where the premises includes any room or rooms containing toilets or urinals, the location of the room or rooms
    10. The location and type of any fire safety and any other safety equipment
    11. The location of a kitchen, if any, on the premises
  • Documents demonstrating that you have the right to work in the UK (if you are an individual applicant).
  • Contact details form (PDF) [203KB] (opens new window) , to assist us in contacting a representative of the premises.

Displaying of the public notice

For a period of not less than 28 days, starting the day after we have accepted your application, you must display a notice which is:

  • At least A4 in size
  • Pale blue in colour
  • Printed legibly or typed in black ink in a font equal to or larger than 16
  • In a prominent position on the premises where it can be conveniently read from the outside by passers-by.

The public notice will need to contain the following information:

  • The name of the applicant
  • The postal address of the premises (if there is no postal address, a description of the location sufficient to identify the premises)
  • The postal address and, where applicable, the web address where the application may be inspected
  • A brief description of the application
  • The date by which an interested party or responsible authority may make representation (within the 28 days from the day after the day we accept the application)
  • That it is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application, and the maximum fine for which a person could be liable on summary conviction for the offence (scale 5 on the standard scale, which is currently £5,000)
  • If you are applying for a new premises licence, the public notice must state the relevant licensable activities which have been proposed to be carried out.

Any incorrect information or dates on your public notice will result in a delay to your application.

Advertising the application in a local newspaper

You are also required to publish a notice containing the same information as your public notice in a local newspaper (the current local newspaper is the St Helens Star). You will need to ensure that the notice is published at least once during the period of 10 working days starting on the day after we accept your application.