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Independent financial advice resource directory

Who are independent financial advisors?

They are independent of the local authority.

Independent financial advisors will assess your financial circumstances and explain the options available to pay for your care and support to make sure that you:

  • fund care fees in the most cost and tax efficient way.
  • receive information and advice to make an informed decision about renting or selling your home.
  • can pay the fees of your preferred residential care home or care at home, now and in the future - allowing for inflation; and
  • receive the benefits and payments to which you are entitled.

Independent financial advisors will provide advice on the best options for your individual needs. These may include:

  • financial assistance to enable you to continue living independently in your own home.
  • how to release extra income from existing savings/investments.
  • releasing equity from the value of your home to directly fund the cost of care at home, adaptations/extension or purchase an Immediate Needs Annuity (provides a guaranteed regular income to cover the cost of your care).
  • estate planning and its implications on care fees planning.
  • renting out your property (rental income could contribute towards the cost of care).
  • investment - many different types of accounts and investments may be suitable to provide a return to help pay for care; and
  • legal, tax and benefit issues - getting advice about your rights and entitlements is crucial when planning for later life and choosing the best way to pay for care and support.