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Payments to suppliers

We believe it is important to be open about how we spend our Council Tax payers' money.

Each month we publish a list of all payments made that are over £500 (excluding VAT), showing:

  • who we paid
  • how much we paid
  • what the payment was for

Data from 2017/18 is available on the website, and includes:

  • all items we purchase
  • payments we make to contractors carrying out work on our behalf
  • other spend we incur in carrying out our business.

But will exclude:

  • payments made to staff
  • housing benefit payments
  • sensitive social services information which could put vulnerable individuals at risk
  • personal information, such as the names of individuals receiving payments
  • confidential information, such as Council Tax or Business Rate refund.

Our officers review the classification of information presented on a regular basis to ensure that our process is as accurate as possible.

Monthly spending reports

The reports are available in both comma delimited format (CSV) and portable document format (PDF) and may be selected by the month required.

Some of our supplier names within the reports will display as 'Redacted Personal Data'.

This follows government guidelines where a payment has been made to an individual but the publication of the individuals name may contravene the data protection act. Examples of these types of payments will include (but are not limited to) adult social care payments and payments to foster carers.

To view the reports, please access our Payments to Suppliers data.