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Transparency data

St Helens Borough Council is committed to providing transparent quality services to the residents and businesses of the borough that are value for money.

As part of our commitment to transparency, and in alignment with the Department of Communities and Local Government's Local Government Transparency Code 2015, and to make it easier for residents to contribute to the local decision-making process and help shape public services, we have provided information to allow us to demonstrate our local accountability.

Under 'Useful Pages' below you will find information about published transparency data across many aspects of council business.

If you have any questions about the information presented, please feel free to contact St Helens Borough Council. Please indicate on your request that it relates to 'local transparency' and provide details on the items that you need more information on, and we will do our best to help.

People Management Compliance

The following areas are those within People Management which are relevant to transparency compliance:

Senior Management Organisational Charts

Corporate Services Directorate (PDF) [681KB]

People's Services Directorate (PDF) [596KB]

Place Services Organisational Chart (PDF) [681KB]

Senior Leadership Team (PDF) [947KB]

Executive Leadership Organisational Chart (PDF) [912KB]

Senior Officer Pay

Senior Salaries above 50k & Post Details (PDF) [542KB]

Trade Union Facility Time

Trade Union Facility Time 2021/22 (PDF) [85KB]

Pay Policy

Pay Policy Statement 2021/22 (PDF) [1MB]

Pay Policy Statement 2022/23 (PDF) [154KB]

Pay Policy Statement 2023/24 (PDF) [717KB]

Pay Policy Statement (PDF) [475KB]

Public Sector Apprenticeship Target

Public Sector Apprenticeship Target (PDF) [554KB]

Public Sector Apprenticeship Return 2023 (PDF) [101KB]

Fair Employment Charter

Employee Dispute Resolution Policy (PDF) [877KB]
Statement of Particulars - Chief Officer Conditions (PDF) [322KB]
Statement of Particulars - Local Government Conditions (PDF) [340KB]
Statement of Particulars - Soulbury Committee Conditions (PDF) [341KB]
Statement of Particulars - Term Time Only Local Government Conditions (PDF) [351KB]
Conveynor Agreement (PDF) [6MB]
National Joint Council for Local Government Services - Pay Agreement 2021 (PDF) [154KB]
Local Government Service Pay Table - April 2021 (PDF) [411KB]
Health and Safety Policy (PDF) [663KB]
Apprenticeship Strategy (PDF) [401KB]
Health and Wellbeing Hub Screen Shots (PDF) [212KB]
Health and Wellbeing Toolkit for Managers (PDF) [606KB]
Mental Health First Aider Volunteer Policy (PDF) [174KB]
Workplace Wellbeing Strategy on a page (PDF) [104KB]
Training to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing (PDF) [205KB]
Ways of Working Hybrid Agile Working Policy (PDF) [966KB]

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Last modified on 26 March 2024