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Contaminated land

Planning and development control

Linked to the council's responsibilities under Part IIA is our regulation, via the planning process, of the redevelopment of land affected by contamination. Where a site is affected by contamination, responsibility for securing a safe development rests with the developer and/or landowner.

Notwithstanding this, in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework as well as policy CP1 of the St Helens Core Strategy (2012) and retained policy ENV26 of the St Helens Unitary Development Plan (1998), the council seeks to ensure that following redevelopment, sites are suitable for their proposed use.

In accordance with the NPPF as a minimum, after remediation, land should not be capable of being determined as contaminated land under Part IIA. The council seeks to achieve this by ensuring that it complies with the government's planning practice guidance on land affected by contamination.

Contamination assessment reports, remedial strategies and validation reports must be undertaken in accordance with the government's land contamination risk management guidance.