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Contaminated land

Service objectives

  • To inspect the borough from time to time, in accordance with the council's inspection strategy, for the purpose of identifying contaminated land.
  • To establish, where relevant, who may be the appropriate persons to bear responsibility for remediation.
  • To establish, where necessary, appropriate remediation methods, based on reasonability, and ensure that such remediation takes place.
  • To maintain a public register of contaminated land.
  • To review and update the council's Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy as and when required.
  • To provide advice to land-owning directorates of the council on contaminated land issues as required.
  • To regulate, via the planning process, the redevelopment of land affect by contamination.
  • To respond to complaints and service requests with respect to contaminated land.
  • To provide advice to members of the public, industry and the media on matters regarding contaminated land within the council's area of responsibility.