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Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme information

What you need to do

If you have not already done so, you may wish to ask your music tutor for advice on the most appropriate make and model of instrument for you.

You may be investing a considerable sum of money and need to be sure that the instrument is appropriate for your needs. In most cases there are a number of good alternative makes and models which can vary in price.

Unless you ask us to quote for a specific model, we will usually send you a quotation for two to four instruments all known to be good alternatives.

Next, contact the St Helens Boriugh Council Music Service office either using the enquiry form or on the telephone numbers listed. We will need to check your eligibility to access the scheme; that your child lives or ideally educated in a St Helens school or college. 

Once we are sure you are eligible, we will send you a quotation. The quotation will give you a number of options of instruments. Once you have made your choice and returned the quotation form to us, will issue an invoice. This will need to be paid in full before we can order the instrument. We will then place an order for the instrument, and delivery will be made to the St Helens Borough Council Music Service office.

The instrument will be checked by the tutor and then given to you in your lesson at school or during a music centre rehearsal. Delivery of the instruments can vary according to the supplier's stock, the time of year when demands may increase, and the make and model of the instrument.

As a rule, instruments take approximately four weeks to arrive, though in some cases can take several months if they need to be imported or if there is a waiting list. Please ensure you leave plenty of time for delivery, particularly if the instrument is needed to replace a loan instrument that is due for return.