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Apply for an accommodation certificate for immigration

Arranging the inspection

Once the application and full payment have been received, an officer from the Private Sector Housing department will arrange with you to visit your home so that they can conduct a full house inspection.

The inspection is important to confirm the house is safe for everyone to live in and that it will not become overcrowded by another person coming to live there. This is a legal requirement which relates to:

  • the Housing Act 2004 - Part 1 (housing conditions) and
  • the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)

The Housing Act 2004 states a property must be free from Category 1 hazards and the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) states there are 29 hazards the inspector must be sure do not exist in your house e.g. serious mould, damp, excess cold, fire, gas, electrical hazards etc.

  • Housing Act 1985 - Overcrowding

Part 10 of the Housing Act 1985 considers overcrowding issues and looks at:

  • number of rooms in the house
  • number of people in the house
  • size of rooms available as permanent sleeping rooms
  • ages of the occupants

The inspector must be satisfied the house will not become overcrowded by the addition of an extra person or visiting family/friends.

If you have made an application but after a reasonable period you have still not heard from St Helens Borough Council, or you require more information on any of the above points, please contact us using any one of the following methods:

Report it online

Telephone: (01744) 676789

Write to: Private Housing Initiatives, St Helens Borough Council, Town Hall, Victoria Square, St Helens, WA10 1HP

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