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Victoria Park

Why is Victoria Park special?

It is the last park in St Helens where the original manor house survives - those at Sherdley, Taylor and Haresfinch parks are now long gone.

The pond, folly and formal garden features date back to 1847, when the land was owned by John Speakman. In 1849-50, John Ansdell built the house, which was anticipated as part of the original private development after Speakman's death.

Viewed from above, the park forms an inverted heart shape.

It was designed by Edward Kemp, the landscape architect who also designed St Helens Cemetery.

Sir David Gamble - chemical magnate, philanthropist and St Helens' first elected mayor - donated the land in 1887 where the gate lodge now sits.

The Mansion House, City Road Lodge and folly are all individually Grade II-listed structures. The gate pillars and Doulton fountain are also historically significant.

St Helens' first public museum was in the Mansion House, with the famous tiger at the entrance.