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Questions to ask when choosing a childminder

  • How long have you been childminding?
  • What extra training have you done?
  • Why do you like this job?
  • How long do you intend to do it for?
  • What other children will be with my child, and how old are they?
  • Have you joined any quality assurance schemes?
  • Do you belong to a childminder network?
  • Do you charge for sick days?
  • Ask to see if all the rooms in the house are clean and tidy.
  • Where will your child sleep? Make sure it's quiet.
  • How do you spend the day and how do other children's schedules fit in with my child? Find out simple things, such as when she or he does shopping/banking/chores.
  • Do you go out on day trips? Where to?
  • Do you have properly fitted car seats?
  • What kind of meals and drinks do you give the children?
  • Do you keep a file about a child's progress?
  • Will you agree to a trial run (say a couple of mornings) to see how it's going to work out? Most childminders will agree to this.