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Valuing diversity and promoting inclusion

On Thursday 14 July 2022, St Helens Borough Council reinforced its commitment to supporting people with disabilities both in its workforce and in local communities, with the signing of the Disability Impact Pledge.

The Disability Impact Pledge has been designed by the Disability Policy Centre, an independent social enterprise dedicated to improving public services and breaking down barriers for disabled people. Find out more about our Disability Impact Pledge.


On Monday 11 July 2022, St Helens Borough Council marked the anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide in 1995.

11 July has been designated as the official day of remembrance for the victims of Srebrenica. During the week before 11 July each year, communities across the country honour the victims and survivors of the genocide, and pledge to create a better, stronger and more cohesive society in the United Kingdom.

Every year, Remembering Srebrenica selects a theme that reflects an aspect of the genocide that needs to be commemorated, but also speaks to communities here in the UK. The theme for 2022 is 'Combatting Denial: Challenging Hatred'.

Denial brings not only more pain and suffering for the survivors but serves as a rallying call to continue the division and hatred as well as to glorify the murderers. Denial also serves as a significant impediment to peace and reconciliation, which can never be achieved without acknowledgement.

In the UK, communities are only too aware of the damaging impact that denial can have for individuals and the community. 

We can see only too clearly the effects of hatred and denial in our world today.

At 12pm on 11 July 2022, we asked you to join us in a minute's silence to acknowledge all people who have experienced the impact of hatred and prejudice in their lives.

In the evening of 11 July, the Steve Prescott Bridge was lit green and white (the colours of the Remembering Srebrenica flag) in remembrance of the Srebrenica genocide.

Visit the Remembering Srebrenica Trust website.

If you have experienced a hate incident or crime, help is available - to find out more, visit the Safer St Helens website