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General Estates

Before making your enquiry, you may find the information you need in the following sections of our web site:

If you still haven't found the information you need - please check the following before making your enquiry - it may save you time!


The Council retains very few garage sites and currently has no availability within those sites.

You may wish to contact Torus who may have some availability.

If your enquiry relates to an existing garage licence please make your enquiry to us.

Contact Torus Customer Services

Land Ownership Enquiries

The Council can only provide information on land and property which we own.

In the first instance please refer to the Land Registry website to find out who owns the owner of the land in question for certain.

If you are certain that the land is Council owned then please make your enquiry to us.

Contact HM Land Registry

General Enquiries:

The general enquiry form has been set up only to deal with enquiries relating to the service, and not to report issues. We have specific forms for our services, so please only use this form to:

  • Make a conveyancing enquiry
  • Enquire about the flying of our flags 
  • Report Graffitti
  • Make and enquiry about ground rent or insurance
  • Land ownership ( see Land Ownership Enquiries)
  • Land ownership - maintenance enquiries
  • Make a permit enquiry
  • Property regulations or enquire about permissions of use

If this is what you need then please proceed to make your request - General Enquiry - Estates Services