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This article is using the List template and is configured to show child articles only in a 1-column grid.

The List template has been employed here to implement a Frequently Asked Questions page.  It has body text just like a Default but also displays a list of child articles in a 1-column grid. The ordering of the child articles has been set to "Natural" (i.e., they will appear in the order as set on the Ordering tab for this article in iCM's article editor). This allows manual re-ordering of the list as and when required - useful for an FAQ where the most frequently asked questions may change from time-to-time.

To keep things tidy the list has been set to display a maxium of ten items per page. For "Summary View" (where this article may appear as an item in another list) it has been set to display both the summary, and the first n listable items (to a maximum of 3), thereby giving an effective preview of the FAQ when it appears in other List articles. To see this in action simply visit this article's parent, Listing pages.

For more information please view our online documentation: List template.

What is an FAQ?

FAQ is an abbreviation of Frequently Asked Questions, and is a collection of questions (ostensibly the most commonly asked) and answers.

How can I make the questions expand to show the answers?

The manner in which items within a list are displayed, and how they behave, is to a large extent determined by the theme currently selected for the subsite.

Is it possible to prefix questions with "Q."?

The display of list items is determined by the subsite's theme, but it is possible to achieve additional stylistic modifications by using a skin.