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More information on the List template can be found on our docs site in the List (opens new window) area. 

This article is using the List template and is configured to show child articles only in a 2-column grid.

The List template is often employed as a landing/navigational page in a website. It has body text just like a Default but also displays a list of content (articles and/or media) in a grid. The grid can be configured to use a 1, 2, 3, or 4 column layout but will reduce this automatically when viewed on smaller screens/resolutions (e.g. a List might use 4 columns when viewed on a desktop, but drop to 2 columns on a tablet and 1 column on a mobile phone). Lists also have various sorting and paging options that make them quite useful for implementing website features such as Latest News, FAQ and A to Z.

The following examples showcase some of the ways a List template can be employed on a website.