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Garden Waste End Destination

Your garden waste end destination; SED Services Ltd

When your garden waste has been picked up by our crews have you ever wondered what happens to it?

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Our wagons go to a company called SED Services Ltd, there are two sites our crews can take the garden waste to, one in Bryn, Wigan and the other in Kirkby. When the wagon is full, they may need to leave a route half done because it cannot fit anymore garden waste in, so it then has to be tipped off so they can continue on the route, take a look at one of our bin wagons doing exactly that in this video.

Upon entering SED, the wagon has to go onto a weigh bridge to get the tonnage of the load, the vehicle has a weight indicator built in that beeps at 26 tonne. The vehicle itself weighs around 15 tonne, so each wagon carries a maximum 10.5 tonne of garden waste to make sure we are within the current laws with tonnage, they have to go on the weigh bridge on the way out once its tipped off so they know its emptied its load. 

When your garden waste is tipped at SED, the process that it goes through can take several weeks before its recycled and transformed into nutrient rich soil conditioner, that is then used in a range of different applications, for use in agriculture, land reclamation and as a nitrogen rich multi-purpose compost. One of the end products when farmers have used the soil conditioner and compost and their crops have grown, is corn, which is sometimes turned in cereals on your supermarket shelves. 


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