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Food Waste End Destination

Your Food waste end destination; Refood Widnes

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Your food waste once its picked up by our crews, goes to a local company in St Helens called CEW. They then forward it in trailers to ReFood in Widnes. It then has to go through an eight step specialist process, called Anaerobic Digestion, for your food waste to be turned into gas for National Grid, potentially supplying up to 12,600 homes a year.

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Anaerobic Digestion is a natural process that biologically breaks down organic material to generate large amounts of biogas - a combination of methane and carbon dioxide. It works in a similar way to a compost heap, only on an industrial scale, and because of the lack of oxygen, the biogas is captured, rather than it being lost in the atmosphere. It then goes through a refining process to remove carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds, an odorant is added to the biomethane before it is pumped directly into the National Gas Grid. 


Take a look at the Anaerobic Digestion process it goes through via ReFoods website. They also produce fertiliser with the remaining liquid from the food waste process for local farming and agricultural use.