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Apply for a premises licences

Policies and guidance

Notification of interest

If you're a company, business or individual with a property interest in a premises that is licensed under the Licensing Act 2003 then you can notify us of that interest and we will let you know if anything on the premises licence is changed.

You can submit a notification of interest to us online and there is a fee of £21.

Interim authority notice

If a premises licence holder becomes insolvent or bankrupt the premises licence automatically becomes invalid unless it is transferred to someone else. There is an option to apply for an interim authority notice which enables a liquidator to temporarily take control of the premises licence until the business is sold or otherwise disposed of.

You can submit an interim authority notice to us online and there is a fee of £23.

Please note: before you can begin the application process for an interim authority notice you will be asked for a licence reference number. If you're the premises licence holder, you will have received correspondence denoting your reference number in one of the following formats: 


N=Number, L=Letter

Alternatively, you can find your licence reference number on our public register.

Making a representation against a licence application

If you wish to make a representation (comment) on an application, you can make your submission using our online portal.

Only representations which relate to the likely effect of the granting of the licensing on one or more of the licensing objectives can be considered. The four objectives are:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • Prevention of public nuisance
  • The protection of children from harm

Issues which may be raised but which are outside the scope for consideration include:

  • Matters which are outside the control of the applicant e.g. on-street parking, traffic, general anti-social behaviour
  • Speculation about the effects of the licence being granted
  • Representation which is frivolous or vexatious
  • Matters which duplicate or relate to other legislation e.g. fire precautions, restrictions on a planning permission

Amendments to application

Note that any amendments to submitted applications would constitute a representation. For example: the addition of conditions on an operating schedule or amendments to hours.

This would then need to be determined by a licensing sub-committee.  

Petitions as part of a representation against a licence application

When organising and submitting a petition as part of your representation against a licence application, there are some important factors to bear in mind: 

  • We ask that the instigator of the petition identifies themselves as a central point of contact, as we may need to make contact in order to verify certain matters and if we are unable to do so this could invalidate the petition. 
  • Each page of the petition should contain information as to the purpose of the petition so that all persons know what they are signing.
  • Full names and addresses for each signatory must be provided. 
  • All signatories must be made aware that where representations are made and not withdrawn, a copy of the petition will be supplied to the applicant and a copy will be contained within the committee papers. 

We will not write to each signatory separately but instead expects that the instigator of the petition will advise each signatory of the hearing date and the final outcome of the application. 

It is also expected that the instigator will represent signatories at the hearing and will speak for them.