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Changing the designated premises supervisor


Please note: before you can begin the application process, you will be asked for a licence reference number. If you're the premises licence holder, you will have received correspondence denoting your reference number in one of the following formats: 


N=Number, L=Letter

Alternatively, you can find your licence reference number on our public register.

Apply to vary the DPS on your premises licence. This form will take 30 minutes to complete.

CAUTION - if you are not experienced in the submission of licence applications, you may wish to consider contacting a licensing solicitor or licensing agent to carry out this work on your behalf. If applications are submitted incorrectly or are not of the required standard, they may be rejected and you will lose your fee.  Please note that the licensing authority are only able to provide basic guidance, which is published on our web pages.

Please ensure that you check your application and supporting documents before you submit it, as no refunds will be issued for incorrect submissions.