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Executive travel and chauffeur licences

Getting started

In certain circumstances, we may agree to grant limited exemptions from some of our requirements if a genuine business need can be demonstrated and if we are satisfied that public safety will not be compromised by granting the exemption. The most common exemptions sought are:

  • Drivers not being required to pass the local knowledge sections of our Essential Skills Assessment, if it can be demonstrated (by means of expressions of interest from customers and contractual agreements) that drivers will be wholly or mainly undertaking journeys outside of St Helens (N.B. we may require exempted drivers to complete an alternate test, i.e. looking at the national road network instead. Having a sat-nav in a car is not sufficient justification for granting an exemption, as they can go wrong or misdirect drivers).
  • Vehicles not being required to display identifying signage i.e. licence plates and door signs on the outside of the vehicle (this exemption will only be granted to high-quality prestige and luxury vehicles undertaking executive contract work - alternate signage will be issued to be displayed within the vehicle).

Each request for an exemption from one or more of our standard requirements will be considered on its own merits. Requests should be made in writing at the same time an application for an operator's licence is submitted and should be accompanied by appropriate evidence that justifies the request for exemption (e.g. letters and contracts from customers demonstrating a business need for a particular exemption). There is no automatic right to any exemption, and our duty to ensure public safety will be our primary concern.