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This article is using the List template and is configured to show child articles only in a 1-column grid.

The List template has been employed here to implement a Latest News page. It has body text just like a Default but also displays a list of child articles in a 1-column grid. The ordering of the child articles has been set to "Display Start Date DESC" so that items are displayed from newest to oldest. The display start date has been chosen as it can be modified as necessary, making it the most flexible choice for news. The creation date would likely not be appropriate as an article may be created many days or even weeks before publication, pushing it further down the list order than it ought to be from the start, and the last modified date would cause the article to shift straight to the top of the list if it is ever edited (say to correct a typo) after publication.

To keep things tidy the list has been set to display a maxium of ten items per page. For "Summary View" (where this article may appear as an item in another list) it has been set to display both the summary, and the first n listable items (to a maximum of 3), thereby giving an effective preview of the news when it appears in other List articles. To see this in action simply visit this article's parent, Listing pages.

Additionally, the option to provide an RSS version of the list has been enabled, allowing users to subscribe to a feed of the list of latest news items.

For more information please view our online documentation: List template.

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