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St Helens Borough recycles

Throughout September and October every household will receive a new set of recycling bags which will include a new green bag for cardboard recycling. The existing black box will just be for glass bottles and jars. There will be no change to the white bag, blue bag and food caddies. You do not need to order the bags. 

From Monday 6th November 2023 your collection day, week or time may be changing. This is to help us improve the efficiency of our collection rounds and reduce vehicle movement. You will receive a calendar in the last two weeks of October 2023 outlining your new collection day for your household. 

Please make sure you put the correct items in your containers - this guide will help you. Sometimes the wrong thing ends up in the incorrect container; this will contaminate it, and can result in your recycling not being taken on your collection day.

Recycling is really important to the environment; it helps to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and helps tackle climate change. It also helps to reduce the need for new products to be made from raw materials that we sometimes see on the shelves when we do our shopping. Its far better to recycle existing products than to damage land in the search for new raw materials. More and more people recycle everyday, which is helping to reduce the need for landfill. You can help do your bit by taking part in recycling. 

Thank you for taking part!

All containers

Recycling containers - Weekly collection

Green bin - fortnightly collection

What goes in my green bag?

What goes in my green bin?

What goes in my blue bag?

Brown bin - fortnightly collection

What goes in my black box?

What goes in my brown bin?

What goes in my white bag?


What goes in my food caddy?