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Preventing homelessness

Problems with your landlord or in your tenancy?

If you are a tenant and experiencing problems in your tenancy we can help to prevent your homelessness in a number of ways.

Problems in the tenancy can be due to many factors

  • rent arrears 
  • rent increases you can't afford 
  • housing benefit problems 
  • family breakdown 
  • your behaviour - e.g excessive noise or other anti - social behaviour amounting to a breach of tenancy
  • personal problems or a life crisis arising - this could be anything from the onset of a serious illness, a bereavement in the family, mental health problems, substance abuse etc.
  • poor condition of property - this may be due to a lack of repairs • the landlord wishing to sell the property or to return to live there

Any of these factors may lead you to becoming homeless.

The Housing Options and Advice service can speak direct to your landlord and will seek to actively solve your problem and advise you on your rights as a tenant. If you are or have become vulnerable and require particular support for some reason we may be able to link you in with a relevant support agency.

If we are not able to keep you in the home they will help you look for alternative housing through UnderOneRoof or again within the private rented sector.

As well as you having rights as a tenant, you also have responsibilities (e.g. paying the rent on time, looking after the property).

If you break the terms of your tenancy (e.g. failing to pay your rent or committing anti - social behaviour) then you may become homeless.

If you are found to have acted in a manner that has caused your homelessness, then this will limit the amount of assistance available to you.