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Preventing homelessness

Are you struggling to meet the cost of your home?

It is possible in some circumstances to get extra help with housing costs by way of a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP).

This covers short term payments in special circumstance for those entitled to housing benefit.

The Housing Options and Advice Service are able to advise if DHP is appropriate in your circumstances.

If you are struggling with debts (either housing debts and/or other debts) and can't cope we can direct you to trained money advisors in the Citizens Advice Bureau.

They can work with you to develop repayment plans and may be able to negotiate with lenders on your behalf.

If you are in mortgage arrears or rent arrears and the lender / landlord begins court proceedings, the Housing Options and Advice Service can attend and support you in court hearings.

They will put your case forward in order to prevent you becoming homeless. Even where they are not able to prevent the court granting possession they will usually be able to delay the date when you have to leave. This will give you time to find alternative accommodation.