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What standards can you expect as a tenant?


If you live in rented accommodation, you should expect your home to be in good repair, warm, secure and free from health and safety hazards. There are laws available to ensure these standards are met.

It is important that landlords who provide rented accommodation ensure their homes meet the legal minimum required. However, it is important that you contact your landlord to let them know you have a problem and to allow him/her time to fix any faults. Therefore we would ask you to:

  1. contact your landlord, in writing, to let him know you are unhappy and have repairs that need doing.
  2. give your landlord a reasonable amount of time to do any works that are needed.

If the landlord does not complete the works or you do not think he/she has repaired the faults properly, then you can contact us and explain why you feel there are still problems in your house (contact details provided below).