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What standards can you expect as a tenant?

How do we enforce standards?

When we receive a complaint from you we will call you and discuss the problems you are having. If it is appropriate then one of our housing officers will arrange a date and time to visit you at your home so that they can conduct a whole house investigation.

Our housing officers are fully trained and authorised in inspecting houses and after their inspection they will normally:

  • write informally to your landlord and
  • provide 42 days for him/her to conduct all repairs that are needed.

If after 42 days the majority of the works remain outstanding or your landlord refuses to do the works, then we will consider taking formal enforcement action against him/her - this is when we serve legal notices, which include:

  • Hazard Awareness Notices
  • Improvement Notices
  • Emergency Remedial Action
  • Prohibition Orders
  • Demolition Notices

If you have any complaints about your landlord, especially if you believe work has not been successfully completed despite you talking to him/her about the issues, you can report these problems to the private sector housing team online or via our contact centre on 01744 676789.