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Charging for non-residential services

How will I know what I must pay for my care package?

Your social worker will tell you how much services cost. If you do not wish to disclose your financial details, you will be asked to sign a form agreeing to pay the rate set by the council for the services you receive.

If you request a financial assessment, you will be asked to sign a form so that we can check your benefit payments with the Pension Service to help us to work out how much you will have to pay.

Your social worker will let the Payments and Charges Team know which services you are receiving, and a member of staff will then send out a financial assessment form either by post or to your email address.

Financial assessment

The financial assessment is a means tested assessment and will be offered when you receive any non-residential services (except for Careline services).

A finance officer will calculate how much you will be assessed to pay based on your income and savings.

A finance officer will inform you if you are not in receipt of the correct benefits to ensure that you are receiving your maximum benefit entitlement. They will advise you on the benefits that you will need to claim to maximise your income.