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Charging for residential and nursing care


If you have savings that you hold jointly with your partner, we will assume you have equal shares.

Savings over £23,250 

This is the limit to qualify for council funding. You will be required to pay the full cost of your accommodation charges until your savings reach this amount. Once your savings approach this limit you need to contact the Customer Finance Team on 01744 675351.

Savings between £14,250 and £23,250

You will have to pay £1 a week for every £250 or part of £250 of your savings. This is called Tariff Income.

Example: If you have £15,000 savings, £14,250 is disregarded and tariff income of £3 per week is considered as income.

Tariff Income is meant to represent an amount that a resident with savings over a certain limit should be able to contribute towards accommodation costs, not the interest earning capacity of those savings.

Savings under £14,250

We will ignore your savings when we are assessing your charge.