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Charging for residential and nursing care

What if the home costs more than the usual adult social care contribution?

If you choose to go into a home which is more expensive than the council's assessment shows you need, or is more expensive than the council expects to have to pay to meet your assessed needs, then someone must pay the difference. This is known as a 'top up fee' and can be paid by a third party. It is payable in addition to the charge we assessed that you would have to pay for your care.

Where a top is required from you or a third party, you (or they) will need to demonstrate that you (or they) are willing and able to maintain this payment after the council's rate has been deducted.

For example, the council's rate for care to meet your assessed need may be £550 per week and the cost of the care home chosen £585 per week. In these circumstances a 'top up' of £35 per week will be charged in addition to your normal weekly assessed charge.

A third-party payment cannot be paid out of the resident's own money, except in the following circumstances:

  • Residents who are subject to the 12 weeks' property disregard
  • Residents who have signed a deferred payment agreement

These are the only situations where residents may make a 'top up' payment themselves.