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Direct payments guidance

What can I spend a Direct Payment on?

This will be agreed with your social worker in your support plan. It may include:

  • Employing a carer or personal assistant who can support you with your personal care needs. This includes things like bathing, getting dressed, cooking and eating etc.
  • Independent day services.
  • Respite care - if your social or health care assessment has identified that respite care is required, this will be included in your Support Plan.

Examples of respite care include:

  • Respite away from home with a social care provider
  • Respite in the community
  • Respite in your own home
  • Respite in a residential/nursing care home

Your support plan will identify the annual number of weeks respite you are assessed to need. You will be expected to demonstrate that you have utilised the annual number of weeks of respite care that is agreed in your support plan.