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Direct payments guidance

How will my Direct Payment be paid?

Direct Payments will only commence once all the necessary Direct Payments paperwork is completed.

You or the person managing your Direct Payment will be issued with a prepaid card.  This card account must be used solely for Direct Payments and the expenditure associated with it.  If it is agreed that a prepaid card is not suitable for you, other options may be discussed with your Direct Payments Advisor.

St Helens Borough Council will make payments for your regular weekly support plan into your Direct Payment account monthly in advance.  

Payments for Respite Care are made in accordance with your support plan on request to the Direct Payments Team.

Payments for replacement personal assistants' holiday cover will be paid on request to the Direct Payments Team.

Managed accounts

If your Direct Payment is managed by an independent organisation, there is no additional funding available for this. Any charge for these services is to be met from your existing Direct Payment.